"Six years ago my husband left me and my girls with our home and all our bills. He was not paying any support at the time and so I was stuck paying for everything. This unfortunately put a dent in my credit as I just was not able to keep up. My husband had managed all of our bill payments up to that time so it was a big adjustment for me now to figure everything out. I called Approved Mortgage and talked to them about my situation. They were able to consolidate our payments into one mortgage so that I had one payment per month and was able to manage. This enabled me to get my credit back on track and so 12 months later, when Approved Mortgage called to see how things were going, they were able to refinance again me and brought my interest rate down. Over the years, they have continued to help me and my girls out and have been a much needed relief because we have built up a trusting relationship. This year, when my daughter turned 18, she needed a car to go to university, and so yet again, Approved Mortgage was able to save the day and help us out. It is refreshing to deal with all the staff at Approved Mortgage as they are very caring and understanding. I don't know where my girls and I would have been without them!"


"My wife and I had both been at our jobs for less than a year because we had just finished University. We went to our local bank branch and asked them for a mortgage to purchase our first house together. We were very discouraged when we left because they said that because we had not been at our jobs for very long and had some student loans, they did not feel that we could handle a mortgage at this stage in our lives. We called Approved Mortgage and their banks understood that we had spent 4 years obtaining degrees in our respective fields and also had employment in these fields. They also understood that we were at the beginning of our earning potential. Approved Mortgage was able to get us the financing for our first home and the rates were even better than what the bank was going to offer us with a co-signer! Since then, Approved Mortgage has been there for us as we have expanded our family and moved up to a bigger home. "


"My credit was terrible! I had been injured at work and was not making as much on disability as I was when I was working. I battled my illness for 11 months and then finally was able to go back to work. When I went back to work, because I was still not 100%, I was not able to work any overtime. I thought I had no chance of ever recovering financially from this horrible time in my life. Then my friend told me to call Approved Mortgage. Because I had equity in my home, they were able to provide me with financing to get things back on track. Not only did they do that, but they are still working with me giving me the tools to get my credit score up and get my interest rates down. They provided a quick fix for my problem and then we have a plan to get my life back in order!"


"I was in foreclosure. My sister passed away and we had to take her three children in. This was a huge disruption in our lives as we now not only had three extra mouths to feed, but I was not able to work because I needed to be home for the children. After I received the foreclosure notice, I called Approved Mortgage. They were able to get us money in 2 days to save our home! They also gave us extra money to last us until things settled a bit more for us. Once we were through the major hurdles of what had happened, Approved Mortgage worked with us again to get into a home that was more suitable to our larger family. Approved Mortgage made it so that we could concentrate on healing rather than worrying about losing our home during this terrible time in our lives."