Todd Morstad - CEO
Todd is a born and raised Albertan. He has been lending money since 1983. Todd is a believer in keeping lending money simple and easy for borrowers. If you own a home and need money, Todd is the one to help you achieve your goals!

Joanna Verhegge - VP
Joanna is a true Albertan. After earning her business degree in Calgary, she entered the home building industry where she spent 15 years learning all aspects of the business. After raising a family she transitioned to the mortgage industry and has developed a deep understanding of the field. Contact Joanna today at joanna@approvedmortgage.ca or 403-284-4000.



Mortgage brokers are licensed professionals who provide mortgage financing to people like you, all across Canada, every day. Because we deal with mortgages everyday, we have developed a vast knowledge of all the mortgage products that are available and we have lenders competing for our business allowing us to offer you, our client, the best rates for your situation. Whether you have perfect credit or not, we find you the best mortgage at the best rate along with providing you with valuable information about mortgages and financing along the way.

We excel in the areas of knowledge, access, timeliness, cost reduction, best rate negotiation, client satisfaction and flexibility.

You don't work everyday on financing people's mortgages, so why waste your valuable time researching all the different mortgages and financing options that are out there? A mortgage broker is already on top of what is happening in the marketplace, and because they are financing mortgages everyday, they already know which products are going to be the best fit for

Mortgage brokers have access to over 30 lenders across Canada to help you with your mortgage financing needs. With one application, your mortgage financing request can be sent to many different lenders; can you imagine having to go to that many lenders on your own? Your time is valuable, spend it wisely using a broker who has access to all the lenders with a simple
click of a button.

We will have an answer for you fast. We are directly linked to the lenders which allow us a quick turn around time because we appreciate how valuable your time is.

It does not cost you anything to obtain an approval. How can you make an informed decision without all the information? We provide you with your approval paperwork for you to look over and discuss before you have to sign anything. We're not going to make you sign anything until you fully understand what your mortgage is about and all your questions have been answered! This allows you to rest assured, that even if we have an approval for you, you are not committed to this mortgage until you sign the paperwork indicating that you wish to proceed.

Lenders compete for broker business. This means a win for the client! The lenders come to us with the lowest rates available, cutting out the need for haggling with your bank and always wondering "did I get the best rate?" Brokers have access to the lowest rates everyday, so you can rest assured you are getting the best deal on your mortgage.

Brokers want to make sure you are happy because they work for you, not the banks! Brokers rely on repeat and referral business, therefore we make sure that you are happy so that you will continue your relationship with us and will tell your friends and family about us! That gives you the re-assurance that your broker is doing everything in your best interest!

Not only can we use your current bank for your financing needs, but we can also let you know if there is another option out there for you that might better suit your needs. Because brokers have access to so many resources, we can find you the best mortgage and can adapt to any changes you might want along the way. We are not stuck within the narrow confines of one bank
or trust company; if what you want is out there, we will find it for you!